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A Garnet til Alexandros roleplaying journal

- Dream - ♥ - 002
Warnings None
Effect A feeling of release and resolve

Remember the way I was.Collapse )

- Dream - ♥ - 001
Warnings None
Effects a feeling of confusion, but also that this is something very old and familiar.

She had this dream at least once a monthCollapse )

Somarium Application -- March 2010
[Player name] Sumi
[Age] 25
[Personal Journal] sumi
[Other characters currently played] Ciel Phantomhive / Kuroshitsuji / dealwithademon
[Character name] Garnet "Dagger" til Alexandros XVII
[Age] 16
[Canon] Final Fantasy IX
[Point in time taken from canon] End Game

[Background]Someday I'll be Queen, but I'll always be myself"

[Personality] Once a spunky, willful princess, Garnet has been tempered by life and death, and by the age of sixteen-going-on-seventeen, has become the strong, kind, benevolent Queen of Alexandria. Although she now shoulders much greater responsibility than she had in the past, she has taken to it much better than she was even raised to. It is probably largely due to the time she spent abroad that she was able to fill the role of Queen as well as she did - being thrown into the position of sovereign ruler of her nation at such a young age, on top of everything else she endured during her travels, has forced her to mature much more quickly than she might have otherwise. Even to this day though, she retains a sense of her individuality, and could still be defined by some as 'stubborn'. Garnet (who prefers her nick-name of 'Dagger' when not performing royal business) is clever, quick-witted, and is a very fast learner. Although she has gotten better over time, she is still naive in some ways, and prudish.

Due to the severe level of loss she has endured during her life (her birthplace, biological mother, adopted father, adopted mother, and homeland, for starters), Garnet has developed something of a dual personality; her personal side, and her business side. As the Queen, she is caring and concerned, with a strong devotion to her people. She does her job, and she does it well, all while wearing a mask of serenity. She's seen enough of the world that it has made her tougher, but also worn her down in some ways. Rarely does she let anyone get too close anymore; although she has learned the value of letting go and moving forward, the events of her life cannot be erased, and as such she frequently operates out of a fear of loss. Those that she has come to be close to (her traveling companions particularly) she holds on to particularly fiercely. She is loyal, and devoted to a fault, and unable to hide her true self when around these people; otherwise, she can be a surprisingly good actress. When not having to be Queen, Garnet is very much a normal (if not once SHELTERED) Teenage Girl -- she's learning what it means to be 16-going-on-17, and it's a slow process, especially when balancing Royal Life. At times, she feels quite torn by these dual roles -- She even mentally separates them. "Garnet" is the Queen, bound to her duty and her people. But inside, she's also "Dagger", the teenage girl who yearns to travel, loves theater, books, and music.

Used to shouldering the burdens of her kingdom, Garnet is quick to blame herself for things, even when they are beyond her control. She feels responsible for anything that is even remotely related to her, and even though she has matured, has never been able to shake that habit of trying to carry the weight of the world. Being away from home it likely to cause her to worry from time to time, as she will always wondering if things are being taken care of properly in her absence -- she cares very strongly for her home, and the people she's responsible for, and the idea of being irresponsible makes her feel guilty.

[Abilities] Garnet is a white mage/summoner.
As a White Mage, she possesses a range of healing/support spells from healing of minor-to-moderate injuries, to curing ailments such as poison, or clearing confusion spells.
As a summoner, she's capable of calling on Eidolons (Beats/God-like Spirits) to aid in her defense in a fight. Her Eidolons are...

Ramuh - God of Thunder (strikes with Lightning)
Shiva - Goddess of Ice (attacks with Ice)
Leviathan - the Water Dragon (Causes a tsunami/tidal wave)
Bahamut - the Dragon King (casts Mega Flare, and Energy-focused blast)
Ifrit - The Minotaur of Fire (attacks with Fire)
Atomos - The endless void (sucks in opponents)
Odin - The God of Death (Can fight with a sowrd, or deal instant death.)

It should be noted that summoning is not something Garnet does frequently, or wantonly. When summoning, it calls forth the Eidolon only long enough for one attack, and sometimes, they don't always answer her. It's hit and miss, and because they CAN be powerful, she doesn't like to summon unless it's absolutley neccessary. It is also likely that, within Somarium, that her rate of successful/effective summons, would be much lower (Say, 1 in every 4 times is successful, as opposed to succeeding 75% of the time.)

[Other important stuff] It should be notid that within Somarium, Garnet will primarily go by "Dagger" -- as such, I'll be using that name to refer to her within the third personal samples, and within actual gameplay in the even the application is accepted.

[Sample post]
[First Person]

1 - If you could go back home, would you? Why or why not?
Of course I would! I mean. It isn't that I'm unhappy here. But I'm Alexandria's Queen now. I have to take responsibility. It's my duty to look after the kingdom, and all of it's people.

2 - Your country is in the middle of a war. What do you think of it? Do you support it or try to solve it yourself by going on an epic quest? Explain.
That's not a very good question. It's important to consider the details! Wars... are terrible. I hate the fighting, and all the terrible things that happen because of it. I would never start a war, if it was my choice. But, if it's to defend my country from those who mean it harm, of course I would support it. But, sometimes, it takes more than that. Sometimes, you have to go that extra mile, and do things that people might not agree with.

3 - You are a given a mission. Would you complete it effectively or would you goof off and do something else? Expand a little on the response.
If there's a job to do, you have to stick to it! I'm not afraid to do whatever it takes to see things through. But then, it also depends on the mission. I won't be a part of something I disagree with.

4 - You have two options: either save your friend who is hanging from a cliff, or chase after the bad guy who put them in a position. If you choose the former, the bad guy will get away and it will be hard to catch him. If you choose the latter, the cliff will crumble and the friend will fall to the spiky rocks below. What do you do and why?

I'd save my friend! Even if it does mean that it will be hard to catch the villian, that doesn't mean it would be impossible! My friends are irreplacable, I can't imagine not doing everything I can to help them. We support each other. And if I save them, I'm sure that if we work together, we'll find the bad guy, and see it through to the end!

5 - Do you prefer adventure or the peaceful life?
I almost feel guilty admitting this... but I have had a peaceful life, and I have been on adventures... and some part of me misses those adventures. The thrill of seeing new places, learning new things, it's like the world just opens up, and suddenly you're seeing things that maybe onyl existed in your head before. I wish... that I could leave Alexandria again, just for a while. Is that wrong?

6 - Murder. What is your opinion?

W-what kind of question is this?! Murder is terrible! Absolutely inexcuseable, unforgiveable-- I...I can never forgive someone for doing something like that.

[Third Person]

It had been nearly two weeks before Dagger had gathered up the courage to leave the comfortably familiar surroundings of Espoir; she'd heard of the stories of Somni, or 'apartment buildings', and shopping districts, and finding herself in dire need of some more appropriate clothing for her stay, she'd ventured off on her first real adventure. The streets of Somni were unlike anything Dagger had ever seen before. Even the streets of Lindblum in all their vastness, and Bran Bal with it's advanced, unusual technology, could not compare to the strange, block-like buildings that seemed to tower as high as any palace. But, certainly they couldn't all be palaces; they took up so much space, and everything seemed to have been built with perfectly formed blocks. Square walls, square windows. So in-organic, and these buildings that scraped the sky, cast shadows over the roads. And oh, the roads -- they were smooth, hard like rock, with lines painted down the middle. It was all so strange to look at, but in a way, it wasn't so different from home.

As Dagger walked along, heels clicking against the endless solid rock that made up the patchs lining the streets, she glanced into windows, and saw familiar things; Clothes on dress forms, though each was different than what she was used to. And further down, more of the same, and still further down, more windows, with more wares on display; toys, and games, and jewelry, the likes of which she'd never seen. The child in her leapt up, dancing with joy as she practically pressed her nose to the glass of the jewelry store, peering at the glittering things on display. Dagger had never been a particular collector of jewels, but once she had taken to learning the art of summoning, she'd had a rather large collection of loose gems just for that purpose. As she stared at Opals, Amethysts, Aquamarines and Topaz's, she felt both secure, and lonesome, all at once. The sight of the diamonds, the emeralds, the rubies and saffires all drew her mind to Eiko. The smile faded from her face, and her shoulders sagged. She wondered, how the younger summoner was doing. Thoughts of Eiko, turned her thoughts to Lindblum -- to Uncle Cid, and Steiner, and Beatrix, and Alexandria. There was the gulit again; gnawing at her insides like some terrible parasite. Even if it had not been her choice to leave, and she could find no way to return, she still felt as though she had abandoned them all.

Slowly, Dagger drew back from the window. All those glittering jewels and shining metals seemed somehow less bright, less shiny now. They were just things, and in the end, it wasn't things that mattered.

Spirits dampened, she continued down the street, praying for the well-being of those she'd left behind.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] I have played Garnet off-and-on for YEARS now. She's a muse I can't ever seem to let go of. I love playing here in Somarium, and I'd love the chance to play someone who's more outgoing than my current character, and who could make contact with a different circle of characters.
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] Same as the first time I apped: Be Active -- I've had issues with inactive players, and it makes it hard, especially when it's your canon-mates. Although it took me a while to get the hang of Somarium's AC requirements, I really appreciate them now.
[Where did you hear about Somarium?] I'm currently a player, but initially I heard about it on Dear_mun.
[Any questions?] Nope! : D


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